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Box Art


  • Box Art
  • Additional column in customer grid to display approval status
  • Approving a single customer
  • Approving / disapproving multiple customers at once
  • Email notification sent to customer after approval
  • Default redirect page (comes bundled with the extension)
  • Error message when an unapproved customer attempts to log in
  • System configuration section
  • Administrator notification email after a new customers has registered

Approve Customer Account

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Description Summary

This extension will restrict your customers from logging in before you have approved their account.


Our license allows you to install the extension on one (1) live installation and on one (1) development installation.

More information regarding licenses

Magento Version Compatability

1.2.x, 1.3.x, 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x

Extension Specifications

Multi Language Support
Multi Store Support
Cross-Browser Support

This extension will restrict your customers from logging in before you have approved their account.

You can approve / disapprove multiple customer accounts quickly through custom multi-actions, or you can approve / disapprove specific customer accounts one at the time.

For more information and illustrated examples see chapter 1.1 in the user manual:

Redirect unapproved customers!

When a customer isn't yet approved they will be either redirected to a page of your choice or receive an error message when attempting to log in. Which one depends on what you have configured.

By default the customer will be redirected to an internal CMS page called Account Awaiting Approval which comes with the extension.

You can find more information regarding the redirection & error message features as well as illustrated examples of both in our user manual:

Email notification after approval!

You can also configure the extension to send out an email notification to your customers once their account has been approved.

The email template will integrate perfectly with your store regardless of what theme you have installed and it is 100% customizable (normal HTML / CSS code).

Please note: the extension is by default configured to send out email notifications but you can disable this feature in the system configuration.

Administrator notification when a new customer registers!

You can configure the extension to send out an email notification to one or more email address when a new customer registers on your website.

Using this feature you will quickly gain knowledge of new applicants and can approve their accounts much faster!

Works perfectly for multi-store use!

This extension can be enabled / disabled independently for different store views.

All configuration settings in this extension can have different values in each of your store views.

Easy to translate!

You can easily translate the extension to your native language by copying and modifying the included locale file. Should you need it there is also a chapter in the user manual explaining how to translate the extension:

Simply upload the files included in the package to your Magento installation!

Our developers are available 8 hours a day to answer all your questions!

We always guarantee to keep our extensions as bug free as possible!

Free updates within the same version branch of the extension!

Refund within 30 days if the extension doesn't function properly for you and our support staff can't help you out!