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Drop-Down Quantity   -   Installation Guide

The Commercial Extension Manager

In order to install the Drop-Down Quantity extension you need to have MageParts Commercial Extension Manager installed. The Commercial Extension Manager is available for free on the official Magento website, and can be installed using the Magento Connect Manager that is built into Magento. You can view the installation guide for the Commercial Extension Manager here.

Installing Drop-Down Quantity in the Commercial Extension Manager

Log in to your Magento administration panel and access the Commercial Extension Manager through System → Magento Connect → Commercial Extension Manager in the top menu.

Install drop-down quantity menu

Click on the Install new extension button on the overview page to install a new extension.

In the email you received when you purchased Drop-Down Quantity you will find the license information you will need to enter into the Commercial Extension Manager in order to install Drop-Down Quantity:

Install drop-down quantity mail

Copy the Service URL, Extension identifier and License key from the email and paste them into the corresponding fields in the installation form and then click on the Install button.

Drop-Down Quantity installation form
  1. ButtonAction
    InstallInstall / save extension
  2. Installation form

The installation process may take a little while depending on your internet connection and the number of peers currently connected to the service. Once the installation has been completed you will be prompted with a message confirming that the installation was successfully completed.

Success message

If the installation was unsuccessful you should be prompted with an error message, and (if possible) a suggestion on how to solve the problem. MageParts automatically receives a notice if something happened that require us to take action, at which point we will contact you as soon as possible. If the error includes a text similar to "please contact your software retailer" and you have not heard from us within a day you should contact us as soon as possible for assistance.

Assuming the installation completed successfully you will now be redirected back to the Commercial Extension Manager overview page.

We suggest you take the time to read the Drop-Down Quantity User Guide in order for you to take full advantage of all the features.

Drop-Down Quantity will be automatically updated whenever there is a new version of the extension available, unless you choose to turn automatic updates off during the installation. You can change this setting anytime you wish by accessing the Commercial Extension Manager and selecting Drop-Down Quantity from the list of extensions.