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ETC - Manual Installations

Do you need help installing an extension? Contact our support service here: Contact Us

1. Download the bought extension from My Downloads section.

2. The extension file comes as a compressed archive (zip) which you will need to extract.

3. Our various extensions contains varying files and folders, however they always follow the structure of your Magento directory. You just need to upload the included files and folders to the corresponding directories of your Magento installation.

Below is an example of what a directory structure in one of our extension may look like. Please note that there are text marked in red and green in the directory tree. These colors represent the files and/or folders which should be uploaded (marked with red), and the directories to where they should be uploaded (marked with green).

  • app
    • code
      • community
        • MageParts
    • design
      • adminhtml
        • default
          • default
            • template
              • mageparts
            • layout
              • mageparts
    • etc
      • modules
        • MageParts_CmsGui.xml
  • js
    • mageparts
  • skin
    • adminhtml
      • default
        • default
          • mageparts

4. Once you have uploaded the files to the corresponding locations in your Magento directory you will need to refresh your cache from your administration panel (System → Cache Management).

You will also need to log out / back into your administration panel in order to refresh your permissions, so that you can access the system configuration for the extension.

The installation should now be completed. If you require any assistance installing the extension, please contact our support staff: