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Approve Customer Account

Chapter 1: Functions and Features

This chapter will cover which functions and features are included in the extension and how they work.

1.1Approving / disapproving customer accounts

You can either approve / disapprove several accounts at once or you can approve / disapprove specific customer accounts one at the time. This chapter will cover both of these approaches.

In your Magento administration panel, navigate to Customers → Manage Customers in the top menu to access your customer records.

Please note the highlighted area in the image below. This column shows whether or not a customer has been approved.

Customer Records

To approve / disapprove several customers at once you first need to tick the checkbox on the left-hand side of each record that you would like to affect.

Customer Records Checkboxes

Then select the desired action from the multi-actions select box located at the top right-hand corner of the customer records list.

Customer Records Multi-actions

Finally click on the Submit button located directly to the right of the multi-actions select box. A popup will now appear where you will need to confirm that you want to perform the selected action by pressing the OK button at the bottom of the popup.

To approve or disapprove a specific customer simply click on the desired customer record to edit it and then access the Account Information tab in the left-hand menu.

From here you can change the customers approval status by changing the value fo the Approved setting.

Customer Record Approve Button

1.2Redirecting & error messages

When a customer isn't yet approved they will be either redirected to a page of your choice or receive an error message when attempting to log in. Which one depends on what you have configured.

You can of course configure the extension to neither redirect your customers or display an error message to them if you so choose to. See chapter 2.4: Redirect Settings for more information.

By default the customer will be redirected to an internal CMS page called Account Awaiting Approval which comes with the extension.

Default Redirect Page

This page should fit any theme and is of course 100% customizable. You can customize the page by navigating to CMS → Pages in the top menu and then click on the page in the list of pages there.

You can of course choose not the redirect your customers at all by disabling the redirect feature in the system configuration (see chapter 2.4: Redirect Settings for more information).

As stated earlier in this chapter you can choose to display an error message instead of redirecting your customers.

Error Message

This message can of course be customized from the system configuration in your administration panel (see chapter 2.5: Error Message Settings for more information).

Please note that if redirecting is enabled the error message will be ignored even if it's enabled in the configuration.

1.3Modifying the approval email template

The Account Approval Email template is written in normal HTML / CSS code which matches the default email templates included in Magento and is therefore as easy to customize as any other email template in Magento.

The email template can be found here: app/locale/en_US/template/email/mageparts/confirmcustomer/account_approved.html

1.4Translating the extension to another language

This extension is translated using a normal locale file. In order to translate the extension you will need to copy the locale file to your desired locale directory and then modify it to translate the phrases accurately. Please follow the step-by-step approach below to translate the extension to your language.

1. Copy the file app/locale/en_US/MageParts_ConfirmCustomer.csv to your locale directory. In this example we will be using Swedish and so the file should be copied to app/locale/sv_SE/. Please note that this directory path is different for each language. The french locale directory path would for example be app/locale/fr_FR, the german app/locale/de_DE and so on.

2. Open the file you just copied for editing. Almost any text editor should work, for example Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (MAC).

3. The translations are separated by rows, and on each row are two equal phrases which are separated by a comma (,). Please note that the phrases must be enclosed by quotes ("), otherwise the locale file won't work. The first phrase is used as a reference and should not be modified, the second phrase should be replaced by your translation, please see the example below.

Default locale file, without modifications

"General Settings","General Settings"
"Custom Redirect URL","Custom Redirect URL"
"Error Message","Error Message"

Translated locale file

"General Settings","Generella Inställningar"
"Custom Redirect URL","Egen URL för ompekning"
"Error Message","Felmeddelande"

4. After you have added the new locale file you will also need to refresh the cache in Magento's administration panel before the new translations take effect.

If you wish to change any of the english (default) translations you can of course do so by simply modifying the locale file app/locale/en_US/MageParts_ConfirmCustomer.csv.

Chapter 2: Configuration options

This chapter will cover how to configure the extension in Magento.

2.1Configuration overview

The configuration is accessible from the top menu System → Configuration on the tab MageParts → Approve Customer Account.

Config overview
  1. 1) Navigate to System → Configuration in the top menu.
  2. 2) Click on the Approve Customer Account tab in the MageParts section of the left-hand menu.

2.2General Settings

General Settings
Option Description
Enabled This controls whether or not the extension is enabled.
Debug Enabled Whether or not to log data for debug purposes.
Enable Welcome Email This controls whether or not to send out the default welcome email to new customers. This is set to Yes be default.

2.3Approval Notification Settings

Approval Notification Settings
Option Description
Send Email Notification Whether or not to send customers an email notification when their account has been approved.
Email Template Template to use for account approval notification email.
Email Sender Sender identity of account approval notification email.

2.4Admin Notification

These settings are used to configure the notification email which is sent out to the administrator(s) when a new customer has registered his / her account.

Admin Notification
Option Description
Admin Notification List Email addresses which should receive notifications when new accounts are created.
Email Template The email template.
Email Sender The email sender identity.

2.5Redirect Settings

Redirect Settings
Option Description
Redirect To Type of redirection to invoke (either not at all, to a fixed url, or a CMS page).
Redirect to CMS Page Internal CMS page (this setting is only visible when Redirect To is set to Redirect to CMS Page).
Custom URL Custom URL to redirect unapproved customers to.

2.6Error Message Settings

Please note that if redirecting is enabled the error message will be ignored even if it's enabled.

Error Message Settings
Option Description
Display Error Message For Unapproved Customers Whether or not to display an error message when unapproved customers attempt to log in.
Error Message Message to be displayed when unapproved customers attempt to log in.

2.7Automatic Approval Settings

The process to automatically approve a customer will be invoked when a customer record is created or updated, regardless of whether it happens on the front- or backend.

Automatic Approval Settings
Option Description
Approve All New Accounts If enabled all new accounts will automatically be approved.
Customer Groups Customers placed in the selected groups will automatically be approved.
Attributes Match data in customer attributes to automatically approve customers.
Registration Post Data Match data posted from the registration form to automatically approve customers.

The image above illustrates how you can configure the extension to automatically approve customers based on values stored in customer attributes (all attributes can be used, even custom ones provided by other third party extensions) and data posted in the registration form.

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